My Flight Delayed – Compensation? – It’s Your Right

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Flight Delayed ?- Claiming Compensation - My Flight Delayed

Flight Delayed ?- Claiming Compensation – My Flight Delayed

My Flight Delayed – Compensation? – It’s Your Right

There are numerous things that can make it difficult for flights to arrive/depart on time.

Several of these issues, such as bad weather conditions and resulting air traffic control delays, are outside the airlines control.

Others, such as the need for mechanical repair work, can not be forecast.

However, you can take actions to minimize your chances of running most issues and also limit their impact.

When booking your flight bear in mind that a flight early in the morning is less likely to be delayed than a later flight, due in part to the ripple effects of hold-ups throughout the day.

If you book the last flight of the day and it’s cancelled, you could get stuck overnight.

When flights are delayed there are rules in place to protect the traveling public.

If you travel in Europe for instance, EU Regulation (EC) No 261/2004 establishes rules on compensation to passengers in the event of denied boarding and of cancellation or long delays of flights.

There will be regulations in other countries in the world as well.

When compensation is payable there are determining factors such as flight distances (3 difference distances) and also length of delays (3 different times based on the distances traveled.           For more information click here.

An airline can be exempted from paying compensation in cases of a long delay or cancellation if it can prove “extraordinary circumstances”.         For examples of some cases of “extraordinary circumstances” please click here.

Here is an example from personal experience.  Last November my wife and I were due to fly from Paphos to Manchester at about 9.40pm.

At 11.15 pm we were still in the departure lounge wondering what was happening, when the airline announced that the inbound flight from Manchester has just arrived having been diverted en oute to Athens because of an incident.

The airline told us that because the aircraft crew were now out of hours, our flight to the UK was delayed and would not depart Paphos until 2pm the following afternoon.

We were told to collect our luggage and make our way outside the terminal building where buses would be provided to take us to hotels that were being provided by the airline.

Apparently the incident that caused the flight to be diverted and then further delayed at Paphos, was caused by a small group of female passengers who were travelling to Cyprus for a Hen Party.                                                                  They had bought alcohol at Duty Free in Manchester and had opened the bottles on board and had got very drunk and were abusive to passengers and cabin crew.

When we arrived back at the departure check-in desk the following afternoon, we were given an information sheet about EU Regulation No 261/2004 (already mentioned above) which gave guidance on how to make a compensation claim.

Once we were back in the EU we duly completed the necessary forms and submitted them online to the airline. We got an acknowledgement that they had received the claim and that we would receive further information within the next 28 days.

Nothing was received so we emailed the airline asking what was happening with the claim.  Once again we did not receive any response to that email, so we emailed again several days later but still did not get a reply.

By this time we were getting very frustrated with the airline and didn’t know what to do to get any response from the airline.

We had seen advertisements in the newspapers for companies who would make a claim on your behalf for flight delays, on a no win – no fee basis, so having got nowhere with the airline, we thought we had nothing to lose so decided we would contact one of these companies, namely “My Flight Delayed”.

We completed the claim online which was very easy to do. All we had to do was fill in details of the flight number and the date of travel and give them brief details about the delay.                                                                                          Their flight database then got to work to check the validity of our claim.

Within a minute their system confirmed that the flight was delayed and the claim appeared to be valid.  My Flight Delayed told us they would check  the reason for the delay and keep us informed.  Within 24 hours they got back to us and said that because of the circumstances that led to the delay, in all probability, the airline would claim the delay was caused by “extraordinary circumstances”, and that they believed any claim would be rejected.   They were proved to be correct!

After about 4 months of submitting the claim to the airline, they finally responded to our claim. They said that compensation was not payable because of “extraordinary circumstances” – the aircraft had to be diverted for the safety of the passengers and the aircraft and was caused by circumstances outwith their control.

Below are details of MY FLIGHT DELAYED in case you find yourself in a similar situation to ourselves:-

My Flight Delayed is a trading style of Joseph James Law, a company of solicitors specialising in flight delay compensation cases for travellers that have actually experienced a delayed or cancelled flight.

Around 1.3 million passengers had flights delayed by at least 3 hrs in 2015 but just a tiny percent of air travellers have actually claimed any compensation for their inconvenience.

One of the main issues facing customers claiming payment for their delayed/cancelled flight, is the difficulty of trying to deal with the airline direct.

As a experienced law company and also a market leader in flight delay cases, they make the procedure of claiming compensation as simple as possible.

When My Flight Delayed file a claim with an airline for flight compensation the claim is originating from a law office, meaning the airline has to deal with them.

Their claims procedure is the most comprehensive available and the reason My Flight Delayed is so successful in claiming your compensation.

Utilizing their online flight checker, which keeps track of flight delays in real-time, My Flight Delayed can establish if compensation is due.

The claim can be immediately submitted online in one easy procedure.

As a result of their close relationship with the majority of major airlines, the huge bulk of cases are paid within a few weeks.

In the unlikely circumstances a case needs to be taken to court, there are no costs to the consumer as they work on a no win no fee basis.

My Flight Delayed have a 100% success record at court having never ever lost a flight delay case to date.

Unlike various other claims firms offering a flight delay claim service, they are a law firm which means that they have the power to take cases all the way to court.

Other companies can’t do this and will frequently refer cases for legal action.

With My Flight Delayed there are no middlemen.

Their flight delay lawyers will see your case from the minute you check your flight and submit your claim to the minute the money is paid right into your bank account.

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