Natural Sun Protection Tips

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Natural Sun Protection Tips

Did you know that you can protect your skin with natural methods outside of over the counter solutions for sun protection?

Fortunately, information has become available to those who want to seek more natural means due to preference or allergy.

These natural methods are easy, inexpensive and can help you to take a healthier approach to your efforts to keep your skin healthy and free of chemicals.

This article will be sharing some tips on natural skin protection.

Hang Out in the Shade

This of course is the easier and least expensive to a certain extent.

Simply seek cover and shade.

You will be able to avoid a lot of the rays that cause damage but beware of reflected light that is more difficult to detect.

Eat Food High in Vitamin D

When you spend time in the sun, your body produces a vitamin that gives your skin a more resilient quality in the form of vitamin D.

Studies have shown that consuming more vitamin D rich foods can go a long way in the fight against skin damage by bolstering your skin’s natural defenses from UV radiation.

Foods that are fortified can be a great option for this, but many foods like fatty fish, liver, cheese and eggs.

Another positive is that if you do end up with a sunburn, you are more likely to heal in a shorter period of time than if you had less vitamin D.

Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

In ancient time, some cultures would spread coconut oil on the skin before long periods of spending time in the sun or other outside activities.

Studies have shown that while the oil itself isn’t as effective as a sunblock, it adds a large portion of the vitamins and minerals that are needed to protect the skin from damage resulting in prolonged exposure to UV radiation.

Eat Heavy Fats

After numerous studies, science has discovered that eating a lot of saturated fats can also have a profound effect on your skin’s ability to protect itself from UV radiation.

Many of these fats can be derived from plant means, so that won’t exclude anyone who doesn’t eat meat.

Eat More Tomatoes

The naturally occurring chemical Lycopene, is also associated with a stronger skin defense against UV light.

If you were to increase your intake of tomatoes, you would get a heavier dose of lycopene.

While all of these methods work, it’s more likely that a combination of them will get you better results.

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