Planning Your Trip To Paris

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Planning your trip to Paris

Planning your trip to Paris

Planning Your Trip To Paris


If you are planning a trip, you need to approach the planning process with honesty.

This is true whether you are going to the United States of America or spending a few  days in Paris.

If you are not honest with yourself, your trip can turn out to be a nightmare on so many different levels.

This includes your finances. A vacation is to enjoy.

There are 3 basic areas requiring complete honesty in preparing for your trip to Paris.

These are the 3 Hs.

These include the length of time you are going, the cost of the trip and the amount of money you can afford.

If you are not able to be honest in these categories, your trip may become a problem even before you leave.


You need to know exactly how much time you have for your visit to Paris.

This does not mean simply the time scheduled for your holiday. It may run from Friday night to Sunday morning. In theory, you have 7 full days or 2 weeks off.

The problem is this is not the actuality. You need to understand and honestly consider the following:

 You have a set time to be and stay at the airport before the flight there and back

 You must make allowances for the time of the flight and any delays

 You may want to leave at a set time, but flights are only scheduled for another time period

 There is a time difference between the country of flight or train origin and the final destination of Paris. This may or may not work in your favor

 You need to return at a specific time to be ready for work the next day. In other words- how well do you do with “jet” or travel lag?

 Does your employment or employer allow you to return later than planned?

 Is there a specific project due the day or week of your return to the “real” world? Can you handle it?

All these factors affect the actual time you can spend in Paris. If you do not incorporate them into your vacation plans, you can end up short- changing your vacation or, in extreme cases, affecting your work and everyday life negatively.


One of the most essential areas demanding honesty is the cost of the trip.

Even during the very tentative and initial stages, you need to be honest about the cost.

This does not mean breaking everything down to its precise components .                                                                          It means, you must be realistic and gather a round-figure on the cost of a price to Paris.

In order to arrive at a basic price for the trip for this initial stage of the planning, you have several options.

You can talk to a travel agent or go online and check out different offerings. Overall, it is best to take both of these possible sources of information under due consideration.

Each can supply you with a basic price for a trip to Paris. Each may be able to add a piece to this rudimentary stage of the planning puzzle.

You will need to obtain certain figures. These include these 2 major aspects:

 Cost of the airplane flight there and back – One reason why it is so important to know your exact time frame

 Basic prices of accommodations

You can obtain a ballpark figure by searching or asking for a package deal. Online sites can provide you with figures fast and accurately.

A travel consultant or agent can supply you with their package deals as well as basic information. Ask for both low and high ends of the spectrum.

Next, check the cost of a flight to Paris on its own.

You can do this by simply going to the specific airline sites or using a general trip online site.

Again, be sure to include the highest cost. Depending upon when you start to prepare for your trip, you may be able to obtain fairly accurate information.

Keep a list of the various airline prices and the company policies about booking and seat sales.                  Nevertheless, while there is an obvious difference between seat sales and regular prices,                                            note the highest price. Take that as the base price for your trip to Paris.

Follow the same procedure for hotels.
Knowing the overall cost is beneficial for the next step in your planning.

Realizing the highest cost of the trip will allow you to see if you can truly afford a holiday in Paris.

This exercise is all about seeing how much a trip at its most expensive will cost you.

It is about realizing the possible and maybe ultimate price of your dream trip to Paris.

If you cannot manage financially these initial costs, chances are you will not be able to afford all the extras a trip can throw at you.

As a result, you will have to either rethink your holiday or come up with an affordable approach to the problem.

Since this is the early stage of planning, you may be able to put more money aside or re-organize your concepts – from duration of trip to affordable accommodation, to something you can live with without undue financial hardship.

In order to do so, you must consider the last of the 3 Hs – honesty in finances or, “Can I really afford a trip to Paris without breaking the bank?


Of all the sections, this is where you need to be totally honest with yourself.

You need to look at your bank account carefully. You must look at such things a credit card debt as a very real possibility if you do not handle this vacation appropriately.

If you lie to yourself from the start, chances are you will end up in credit card hell.

The vacation in Paris may be wonderful, but you will be paying for it for more than it was worth.

Furthermore, many people find it hard to enjoy a holiday – even in Paris, when they are worried about the end-result, about what happens when they return to real life.

What you need to do is to compile what you have.

Look at the following as areas of your finances:

 Savings – Do you have anything set aside specifically for your vacation? Is there a vacation account?

 Basic mathematics 101 – salary or income versus necessary cost of living versus cost of vacation- Can you make them balance out?

 Credit – what kind of credit rating do you have? Is it really necessary to max out your card for your vacation?

 Do you have anything like air miles or aeromiles stashed away to defray certain costs?

 Is there money from such as tax returns, bonus points, bonuses, vacation pay, you can put towards the trip or will this eat into your way of life?

 Is there any money you can put towards the trip WITHOUT negatively affecting your quality of life?

 Are you willing to take another job to afford the ideal vacation to Paris?

 If you get down to having to sell your first-born to pay for plane fare or having to hawk a family heirloom, you need to rethink your entire vacation agenda.

You need to be completely honest with yourself about the price a vacation will cost you – now and in the future. You need to compare what you can actually afford with the actual price of your “Dream Vacation” to Paris.


In the initial phase of planning your trip to Paris, you need to adopt a policy of honesty.

You must compile basic data about the cost – both financially and emotionally, of a trip to Paris.

You need to look at an exact time frame as well as how much it will cost.

Once you factor these data into your financial capability, you will have an honest and reasonable understanding of what type of Paris vacation you can afford, so we will look at this in our next article.


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